Thursday, 5 July 2012

XRAY004: Mickey Gloss

Hello strangers! It's time to introduce the latest band to join the fold and commit their music to flexi disc, MICKEY GLOSS. Their single ‘Crocodile Smile’ is available from the X-Ray Recordings online store from Monday July 9th (because lead times are boring) and in most independent record stores from July 16th.

MICKEY GLOSS is a Psychedelic Punk Party Band that started in Australia and ended up in London. The three piece combines masochistic guitar slabs, eerie keyboard swarms, bombastic drumming, transient fairy tales and savant bass minimalism to create beautiful static lullabies.

Side A and B of their flexi disc, ‘Crocodile Smile’ and ‘Little White Lies’, illustrates their ability to find the truth within pop, by proving what all good pop songs must: that there is a better world than the one presented. MICKEY GLOSS qualifies the statement that the pop they make will be influenced by the endless complexity of imagination and not a prescribed image of manufactured consent.

Here's the 'Crocodile Smile' video...

You can pre-order the 7” flexi disc for a mere £3 here:

For more information give us a shout - or

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The FAIR OHS single Salt Flats has now sold out in our store. You can still get a copy from these record shops:

Rough Trade

Also you can get it digitally from ITunes and all other download sites.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Salt Flats by FAIR OHS is out TODAY!!!

XRAY003 available on Flexi Postcard and in digital form.  Buy from us HERE and get a a copy with a personal message from FAIR OHS. Also available from Rough Trade, HMV, Amazon, ITunes and all the other usual outlets and download stores. Available on Flexi Postcard and in digital form.

Listen to Salt Flats:
Salt Flats - Fair Ohs by X-RAY RECORDINGS